Make a Website More Effective

The Right Web Placements

Creating an effective website that will bring in traffic requires focus on key issues, like keywords, original content, quality links among others. But one often overlooked feature is placement.

Web placements look at where the content, text, images, or videos are on a page, and if this is ignored, even the best of web site designs can become a disaster.

It is important that when a user opens a website, he or she, must immediately see content, or images, that denote what the website is about. They should not have to scroll down to find this. Keywords need to be within the first hundred words in the content, so that their importance is maintained. They also need to be in the website description, as well as in the title tag. This is what search engines look for when rankings are determined. There is no need to emphasize the keywords by constant repetition, but when they appear they must be in the right place.

Web Placements

Content needs to be in a position that is the most logical where it facilitates searching by search engines , so that visibility and search ranks are maximized. When content that a user finds valuable is at the beginning of a page, experience will improve. It then helps guide the user to further content that can add to their knowledge.

Websites that are text heavy do place photos alongside, or before the content, and you need to ensure that the photo is relevant to it. The picture has to be one that engages the user, and arouse curiosity to what further content could be. Placing the picture can be above the fold, but must be one that immediately catches the viewers attention and want the user to read the text below it.

Proper web placements can go a long way in bringing traffic to your website, and is a factor that must never be ignored. It is as important as SEO.